Denver Water Leak Detection

Denver Water Leak Detection

Water leaks cause extensive and sometimes irreversible damage to one of the biggest investments you will ever make–your home. A universal solvent composed of oxygen and hydrogen molecules, water can instantly melt a pile of salt or sugar or carve out the vast rocky valleys of the Grand Canyon.

Damage to your home begins within seconds of the water making contact with carpet, furniture, drywall, wood or tile flooring. Because water’s oxygen/hydrogen molecules deteriorates just about anything it comes in contact with, it is essential for home and business owners to call a Denver, CO plumbing company as soon as they suspect they have a water leak.

Colby Plumbing Company uses the latest water leak detection methods and devices to locate and repair obvious and invisible water leaks. Call 303-513-7665 today for professional plumbing and leak detection services.

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What Are Invisible Leaks?

Invisible water leaks may begin as slow seepage in old pipes or damaged roof tiles that allow water to drip into attics and crawlspaces. Because gradual leaks provide time for structural items to partially dry, the consequences of invisible leaks can be devastating since many are not discovered until years later. Wood rot, layers of corrosive rust and black mold are just a few ramifications that could lead to expensive structural damage or even unsafe building standards if leaks are allowed to continue.

Did you know that:

  • Two or three inches of water can potentially cause thousands of dollar of damage.
  • The average claim for water damage costs home and business owners between $5000 and $10,000.
  • A crack in a pipe or piece of plumbing that is a mere 1/8 inch in size can potentially leak over 200 gallons of water each day.
  • Homeowners failing to detect leaks in their early stages risk collecting on an insurance policy due to insurance companies denying payment for damage more than one day old.

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How Do You Know Water Leaks Exist?

Increases in your water bill when water usage hasn’t changed or a spinning water meter is the most common way building owners realize they may have a water leak. To confirm a leak, simply shut the water off inside your home, make a note of the position of the water meter and wait for several hours. If your water meter needle has moved without anyone using water, you probably have a leak.

Other signs of potential pipeline water leaks include:

  • Wet spots on your carpet that you can’t attribute to unreported spills
  • Watery patches in the yard (grass in wet areas may be taller than other grass)
  • Low water pressure in one room only
  • High humidity in the home (“sweaty” windows, worsening allergy/respiratory symptoms, mold growth)

Don’t hesitate to Call Colby Plumbing Company in Denver, CO at 303-513-7665 for immediate leak detection and repair if you notice any one of these leak indicators.

How Do Plumbers Find Water Leaks?

Initially, we will do a walk-through of a home or business to look for signs of leaks. Checking under sinks, around fixtures, searching for water stains and signs of mold are just a few things we search for during a walk-through. We will also check your water meter to get a general idea of how much water is being used regularly.

Tracing loss of water pressure is one way we can detect water leaks and quickly find the location of pipelines where leaks are occurring. In addition to water leaks, low water pressure may be caused by faulty fixtures, broken water valves, clogged pipes or corroded plumbing. Contact Denver water leak detection expert today.

Sound Detection Of Water Leaks

To detect less obvious water leaks, an effective plumbing technology is sound (sonic) detection. Using a microphone and headphones, a Denver CO plumber can listen for sounds of underground running water as the water travels through pipes. In addition, our plumbers may use water pipe locator clamps on visible parts of pipes that can transmit radar signals over pipes. Called “charging pipes”, this process quickly locates and identifies leaks so that repairs can be initiated before your home suffers water damage.

Sonic water leak detectors can sense sounds of running water through concrete and other solid materials. Even the smallest leaks are precisely located with sound detection equipment used by plumbers. Because sonic detectors are designed to pick up the smallest sound indicators of water leaks, there is no reason to dig up concrete to find water leaks.  Contact Denver water leak detection expert today.

Hydrostatic Testing For Water Leaks

Hydrostatic testing detects water leaks without destroying concrete hiding leaky pipes. When your Denver CO plumber uses hydrostatic testing to discover leaks, they will insert a type of inflatable ball into a pipeline suspected of leaking. Once your plumber inflates the ball to plug the pipe, the system should fill with water if a leak exists. Pipelines that can’t be filled or lose water over a certain amount of time are probably the source of your leak.  Contact Denver water leak detection expert today.

Video Cameras For Finding Water Leaks

Colby Plumbing Company in Denver CO also uses state-of-the-art video cameras to visually detect leaks inside water pipes. Tiny cameras attached to flexible wires or to sets of small wheels are sent through pipelines and provide real-time visual feedback of leaks. In addition, water leak detection with cameras give our plumbers a good look at the condition of your pipes. We recommend having your plumbing system inspected regularly using video cameras as part of a preventative maintenance program to ensure your pipes remain leak-free and in proper working order.

Call Colby Plumbing Company In Denver, CO For Immediate Water Leak Detection Services

Leak detecting technology allows plumbers to prevent costly damage to your home or business. Not only does our leak detecting equipment expedite discovery of invisible water leaks, this kind of industry-specific technology is significantly more accurate, less expensive and safer than old-fashioned water leak detection methods.

Replacing drywall, flooring and pipes damaged by ongoing water leaks is expensive and time-consuming. If mold is detected, you may need to hire a mold remediation company to remove mold and mildew before you can live in your home without suffering health problems. Our licensed plumbers have the in-depth experience and knowledge to quickly find water leaks and repair them without interrupting your daily routine. We also provide regular water pipe inspections to ensure your plumbing system continues to work efficiently and affordably.

If you suspect a water leak is causing your high water bills or you want to have your pipes inspected to avoid water damage in the future, call Colby Plumbing Company in Denver, CO today at 303-513-7665 for immediate leak detection, repair and maintenance services.

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