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Don’t Let Clogged Drains Back Up Into Your Denver Home

There are many reasons a sewer can become clogged. One of the most common reasons is that something was flushed down the toilet that wasn’t supposed to be. This then gets stuck in the drain and causes a backup. Other things such as tree roots can be the cause of a backup as well.

The plumbing system of the home will most likely have a sewer cleanout, which is a pipe that has a cap on the top, allowing the plumber or anyone else access to the line so that a sewer cleanout or a sewer line repair is more easily able to be performed.

The sooner the problem or warning signs are recognized, the better. If a clogged drain is left alone and simply ignored, this can lead to larger problems that aren’t as easily solved. This can make it not possible to have a sewer cleanout performed, as the problem was ignored for too long, and now a sewer line repair will need to be done.

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Signs To Look For With Clogged Drains

Multiple Drains In The Home Becoming Backed-Up

If there are multiple drains that are slow to drain, backing up, have a bad odor or making noises, there is likely a main sewer clog that needs to be resolved.

All of the drains within the home – from the toilet, all sinks, the shower and the bathtub – eventually connect to the main line. If the clog is in this main line, all of the drains in the home will display a problem. Noticing these signs promptly will reduce damage done to the sewer line that would lead to the need of a sewer line repair.

Sewage Coming Out Of Sewer Cleanout

It was previously mentioned what a sewer cleanout is. Once locating the location of the sewer cleanout, if there is sewage around the cleanout or physically coming out then there more than likely is a main line blockage.

Water Comes Out Of The Shower Drain When The Toilet Is Flushed

If the toilet is flushed and water comes into the shower through the floor drain or up into the sink, there is more than likely a blockage in the main line. Since the water that is being forced down the drain has nowhere to go, because of the blockage, it will come out of other lines.

While these issues can be frustrating for homeowners, a plumbing professional can come help with a sewer cleanout or a sewer line repair to alleviate some of the stress and frustration. Your plumber will be able to diagnose what the problem is so that an accurate fix of any clogged drains can be made.

How Your Professional Denver Plumber Will Unclog The Line

The course of action depends on what is causing the clog. There are many things that your plumber will try after determining what the culprit is. Here are a couple of examples of what actions your plumber may perform:

Camera Inspection

It is likely that the plumber will use a camera to get a visual of what the problem is through the sewer cleanout. This will help the plumber know if a sewer line repair is needed or if it simply is just a clog, as well as what the clog is being caused by. If a sewer line repair is essentially needed, the camera inspection will show the plumber what type of sewer line repair needs to be done and where the repair needs to be done.

Chemical Drain Cleaning

When tree roots cause a backup in the sewer line, chemicals are able to be used to help get rid of the roots. To perform the sewer line repair in this case, things like copper sulfate or root-killing foam can be flushed down the toilet. This will likely have to be done multiple times to effectively kill and clear the root.

Release Pressure

Turning off the water to the lines main supply and then removing the cap on the sewer cleanout will help to release pressure that is in the line. This will help to allow the water that is backed up inside the house be able to drain better.

Mechanical Drain Cleaning

A flexible cable known as a drain snake or an auger will be put through the sewer line to help find and break apart a clog. High-pressure water jets can also be used to help blow any roots or debris all the way through the line to help clear up the clog. These tools can easily damage the sewer line, requiring a sewer line repair, if they aren’t properly used. It is important to hire a professional to complete this to reduce the risk of needing a full sewer line repair.

When dealing with clogged up lines, needing a sewer cleanout or a sewer line repair is overwhelming. Colby Plumbing can take all of that stress away and unclog your drains. Our professional plumbers will be able to help any Denver homeowner determine where exactly their sewer cleanout is located, if the sewer line needs a sewer cleanout or if a sewer line repair needs to be done to help resolve the issue. Colby Plumbing will then be able to perform the course of action that is needed to fix your clogged drains.

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