Denver Tree Root Removal

Denver Tree Root Removal

Tree roots can be a huge annoyance for a homeowner. Unchecked tree roots can grow near the property, under sidewalks and driveways causing unneeded damage to the homeowner’s property. Hiring a professional to handle tree root removal can give the homeowner peace of mind knowing the job is handled correctly the first time around. DIY methods may seem like a smart short-cut that may seem affordable, however, if unchecked could cost more to repair new damages done. Tree roots can be a pain, letting a professional Denver tree root removal company handle it can do wonders and give the homeowner peace of mind.

What Is Tree Root Removal?

Tree root removal is when an individual physically removes a tree stump along with all its roots. There are various methods tree roots can be removed. However, tree root removal can also mean not killing the tree itself. Controlling the roots is another option.

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Keeping the tree alive and removing the roots can be a hefty task fit only for professionals. Other options are to hire a professional to tame the roots or destroy the tree entirely and replace the tree with a species that has a less aggressive root pattern.

DIY Tree Root Removal Versus Having A Professional Denver Remove Tree Roots

Removing a tree stump may sound like an easy-to-do task. Many people have attempted to do it themselves and many have failed miserably. Removing tree roots can be a dangerous task for anyone who doesn’t have the experience under their belt. An inexperienced individual attempting tree root removal can be catastrophic and cause more damage to the property and those around. Removing tree roots will require special machinery, a team of trained experts on tree root removal, and various tools. This could also vary depending on the size of the tree and roots that need to be removed.

Remember, some dangers come with a DIY tree root removal project. Manipulating or removing the foundation of a tree can weaken the plant and potentially have it fall over. As a result, it can cause damage to the home and any near individuals.

Killing Roots For Tree Root Removal

One method of this is to chop away the smaller roots that are causing problems. This job can be laborious, however, once completed it’s a highly effective removal method that won’t risk danger to any nearby plants. The individual would then dig up dirt and soil located around and under the roots. Next, cutting the roots with an appropriate gardening chopping tool, like loopers for example.

Killing Roots In Sewer Pipes | Denver Tree Root Removal

Roots are attracted to a home’s sewer lines. For some reason, tree roots are naturally attracted to them. This is because the pipes are filled with all the nutrients the tree would need to survive. This includes oxygen, water, and other miscellaneous nutrients they crave. Tree root removal in sewer pipes requires hard work and dedication. Rock salts can destroy the tree roots by drying them out. Pouring sodium chloride or rock salt into the toilet can do the job. The individual would only have to pour one half a pound and flush until all the salts go through. Repeat this process until two pounds of salt reaches the pipelines. After flushing, waiting 12 hours for the salts to take effect is ideal.

This method works great because the salt compound acts as a poison to plants. It works from sponging up the moisture and nutrients. As a result, starving the tree roots from their nutritional source so it can no longer thrive. Applying this method several times a month should do the trick.

Can Tree Root Damage Be Prevented?

Tree roots growing where they are not wanted can be prevented before the problem begins to unfold. Preventing an issue from starting in the first place is the cheapest and quickest form of action any homeowner can invest. When moving into a new home or planning on planting a tree species, be sure to contact a professional to check where pipelines are located on the property before planting anything. Hiring a professional will not only save the homeowner time, but it could also save headaches and money in the long run. Planting a beautiful tree on the property seems like a wonderful idea, however, it’s not once the money is being pulled from savings paying for pipeline damage. Furthermore, DIY methods may seem like an affordable idea for destroying tree roots, however, hiring a professional tree root removal service can do a homeowner well. When hiring a professional tree removal company to handle the job, it gives the owner of the property peace of mind knowing the tree roots are being removed effectively and efficiently.

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