Denver Drain Cleaning

Denver Drain Cleaning

A slow drain is a nuisance, but a clogged drain is a veritable nightmare. Colby Plumbing provides a full spectrum of plumbing services for customers in and around Denver, CO. If you have a drain clog, we can dispatch one of our expert plumbers right away. Our rates are affordable and our services are of the highest quality. We feature emergency services, so if you need a qualified plumber ASAP, contact us for help. As a leading Denver, CO, full-service plumbing company, we have the skills, techniques, and equipment needed to unclog any drain. Contact Denver drain cleaning expert today.

Drain Cleaning For Slow And Clogged Drains

Slow drains or drains that are completely stopped up can prevent you from using your plumbing. Clogs can occur in sinks, showers and tubs, dishwashers, and sewer lines. Although some types of clogs are preventable, others may indicate that there is pipe damage.

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Moreover, many clogs are simply too difficult to clear with over-the-counter drain cleaners, which could even cause damage to your pipes. Colby Plumbing features experienced, licensed plumbers who can provide the professional fix you need to clear your pipes and get your plumbing system back in optimum order.

What’s Clogging Your Drain?

Colby plumbers are experts when it comes to drain cleaning. Food is the most common cause of slow and clogged drains. Often, food will get washed down the drain. Some people might even allow grease from drained meats to wash down the drain. Over time, food particles and grease can begin to build up to the point that they cause the drain to slow or clog completely. When food and grease combine, they can make the clog seem impenetrable. In these situations, you need to have your drain professionally cleaned.

Of course, hair can also clog drains. Everyone sheds hair and when it washes down the shower or tub drain, it can lead to a clog. The hair that’s in the drain may combine with soap and conditioners that wash down the pipe and lead to an even more difficult clog situation. Sometimes a residential auger can fix the problem, but it’s best to consult a professional plumber to have your drain completely cleaned. Moreover, you don’t want to be in a situation where you attempt to snake your drain but only manage to push the clog further down your pipes where it’s more difficult to reach.

In households where children are present, toys may be the culprit of a clogged drain. Plastic dinosaurs, action figures, rubber balls—these items can be introduced into your drains by little hands. In order for your drains to run free again, these foreign objects in your pipes must be removed. Contact Denver drain cleaning expert today.

Tree Roots

Do you have floor drains backing up after you shower or wash a load of laundry? You could have tree roots getting into your underground pipes. This can be a serious issue and should be dealt with as soon as you suspect there is a problem. Typically, one of the first signs of a pipe clog is a slow drain. If you believe that tree roots are causing your clog, call Colby Plumbing to provide you with professional drain cleaning. We feature the ideal tools to clear pipes of tree roots.

Broken Pipes

Broken pipes are another serious plumbing problem. If there is damage in the pipe system, you could experience a clog. Of course, you might not actually be aware that the issue is a broken or damaged pipe. Rather than attempt to clear the pipe, it’s a wise idea to consult a professional plumber who can find out what’s causing the clog. Colby Plumbing features high-tech equipment that can pinpoint where pipe damage is occurring in the line so that it can be repaired.

Colby Plumbing Features Drain-Cleaning Experts

Regardless of what’s causing your slow drains or clogged drains, you can count on the plumbing experts of Colby Plumbing to clear your drains with our reliable drain cleaning solutions. We serve customers all across the Denver, CO, region and are known for our professionalism and affordable pricing. We understand how frustrating a clogged drain can be. It essentially sabotages the functionality of your household. Dishes pile up, laundry piles up, and, sometimes, bathrooms can’t be used until the problem is repaired. In these situations, you need a plumbing expert who can get to your home quickly and efficiently provide you with drain cleaning services.

Colby Plumbing Services

Draining cleaning is one of our most popular service offerings. We provide a complete lineup of plumbing services designed to meet the needs of Denver property owners. Some of our most popular services include:


If you need these or other related plumbing services, you should consult with the plumbing experts of Colby Plumbing. We feature these services at competitive rates. We don’t believe in price gouging our clients, which is why we’ve been so fortunate to maintain long-term relationships with our customers. Many customers contact us for routine pipe cleaning to ensure that small amounts of matter and debris get washed away before they can lead to a slow drain or a stubborn clog.

Unclogging A Drain

Colby plumbers have various methods to employ in order to clear your drain. Often, it’s the nature of the clog that suggests the type of technique that’s most suitable to remedy the problem. When we arrive at your home, we’ll diagnose the situation. Sometimes customers know exactly what’s led to the problem; often, however, they aren’t quite sure why their drain has become clogged. So, we’ll troubleshoot the issue and provide you with our take on the situation. We’ll also try to provide you with an upfront quote for service. Keep in mind that some fixes are going to be more costly than others. It may be more difficult to repair broken pipe than to provide a high-powered jet of water to clear your drain clog, for example.

State-Of-The-Art Drain Cleaning Tools And Equipment

When visiting your setting, our plumbers will bring the equipment needed to professionally clean your drain and clear your clog. We may need to apply these fixes indoors or outside of your home or business. Often, clearing an exterior clean-out is the most effective way to clean your plumbing system. From augers to jet sprays, our equipment is expertly maintained so it’s at the ready when our plumbers need it.

Extensive Repairs

Often, a high-pressure hydro jetting spray introduced to your line provides the ideal fix. These high-pressure washes can completely clean out your pipes. In many cases, this technique clears the drain in moments. Tough food and grease clogs are seldom a match for the high-powered jet sprays we bring along to your home or business. On the other hand, if our typical techniques for clearing roots or food debris from your pipe system aren’t clearing the drain, we might need to do more in-depth investigating. For instance, we can provide video camera inspection to discover if there are broken tiles or pipes that require a different type of repair.

Emergency Service

If your clog requires emergency service at your Denver home or business, you can contact Colby Plumbing. We know that emergencies can arise quickly and, often, on weekends or after normal business hours. We want to provide our customers with the best possible customer care, so that means offering emergency plumbing service. If you have a plumbing emergency, you can call us and our dispatcher will contact an on-call plumber to attend to your situation ASAP.

The Expert Plumbers Of Colby Plumbing

When you contract with Colby Plumbing for drain cleaning or other services, you can expect friendly professional service. Our plumbers are highly experienced, licensed, and reliable. We carefully screen our employees to ensure they meet our standards for service excellence. When they arrive at your home, they will arrive ready to work. They won’t attempt to sell you or recommend any services that aren’t called for. In short, you can trust them to provide you with the expert service you deserve.

If you live in or around Denver, CO, and need professional drain cleaning service, call Colby Plumbing to schedule a service call. Before applying a fix to your plumbing problem, we’ll provide you with an upfront cost estimate. We know how frustrating a plumbing problem can be and we know that these unforeseen expenses can be equally frustrating. That’s why we are dedicated to charging fair rates and building lasting relationships with our customers based on trust and our plumbing expertise.

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