Denver Toilet Repair

Denver Toilet Repair

Do you need toilet repair or installation in or around Denver, CO? Colby Plumbing offers experienced toilet repair service for residential and commercial customers throughout the region. We handle clogs, broken handles, worn-out parts, and much more. Colby Plumbing has a long-standing reputation for outstanding workmanship. Our plumbers are highly trained and certified. If you have a problem with your toilet or any other aspect of your plumbing system, you can rely on our expertise. We offer a full lineup of plumbing services for our Denver customers. Our expert workmanship and affordable prices have made us a leading Denver plumbing service. Contact Denver toilet repair expert today.

Denver, CO Toilet Repair

Colby Plumbing offers expert repair of commercial and residential toilets. A broken toilet can be a nuisance. For homes with one bathroom, it’s imperative to get that toilet back in functioning order.

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There can be multiple reasons for a non-functioning toilet. When you contact us, we will arrive to quickly troubleshoot the issue. Because we are well aware of the most common types of toilet repairs, we bring along parts that allow us to make repairs on the spot.

Attempting to repair your own toilet can cause more problems. You might even waste additional money by purchasing items that you don’t need. Let our experienced plumbers inspect your toilet and make any needed repairs. Whether you need commercial toilet repair or residential toilet repair, we can handle the job. Contact Denver toilet repair expert today.

Residential Toilet Repair

There are many problems that a residential toilet can suffer. Clogs are among the most common reported toilet problems. However, sometimes toilets won’t stop running. Sometimes water doesn’t fill the bowl. Whatever the case may be, our plumbers at Colby Plumbing can quickly diagnose the issue and apply the correct fix. If you live in or around Denver and are looking for experienced toilet repair, you can rely on the professional plumbers of Colby Plumbing. Contact Denver toilet repair expert today.

Commercial Toilet Repair

If you’re getting ready to hang an out-of-order sign on your commercial bathroom, be sure to first call Colby Plumbing. Your commercial toilet requires expert repair from a certified plumber. Whether you have one toilet or several, you can contact our service and we’ll quickly dispatch a professional plumber to manage the situation. We can handle virtually any type of toilet repair.

Common Types Of Toilet Repairs

The plumbers of Colby Plumbing have handled a wide array of toilet problems. The most common types of toilet repairs include:

  • Running toilet
  • Clogged toilet
  • Leaking toilet
  • Broken toilet flush valve
  • Toilet flapper repair / replacement
  • Toilet flange repair
  • Toilet gasket repair

We can also install new toilets. If you need one of these repairs or new toilet installation, you can call Colby Plumbing. If your only toilet is not functioning, let us know and we’ll do our best to prioritize your service call.

Broken / Cracked Toilet Tank

Fortunately, cracked toilet tanks are not common. However, our plumbers do tend to find them in older toilets. If a new toilet tank is cracked, it’s a good idea to contact the toilet’s manufacturer. It’s important to remember that a crack in your toilet leak is likely to worsen over time. Cracks, of course, can lead to leaks. Sometimes our plumbers find that customers who’ve tried a DIY fix have actually made the crack worse. If you have a toilet crack, it’s best to contact a professional plumbing service like Colby Plumbing. We’ll determine if the tank can be repaired or if replacement is required. In either case, we can manage the job!

Does Your Toilet Wobble?

If your toilet wobbles, you should have it inspected. Sometimes just a loose seat can be a hazard. Often, a seat’s bolts just need to be tightened, but it may need to be replaced. If the toilet itself is wobbling, you could have a more serious issue. It could be that there is leak at the base of the toilet that’s causing the subfloor to weaken. Shifting foundations can also cause issues that affect toilets. Our plumbers can inspect the problem. In situations where the floor has become damaged, substantial repair may be needed. However, our plumbers also have many solutions that they can use to stabilize your toilet providing that the flooring is sound.


Toilet clogs are common—one of the most frequent plumbing problems. If you can’t solve your clog using a plunger, you can contact us to address the situation. We have professional equipment that allows us to quickly clear most types of clogs. We don’t recommend using drain cleaners because they can damage your plumbing system. If a foreign item like a child’s toy has clogged the toilet, we’ll use our gear to quickly remove it so you can operate your toilet again. Before attempting to use an auger or plumbing snake yourself, call Colby Plumbing for our affordable Denver Plumbing repair service.

Toilet Leaks

A toilet leak isn’t just a nuisance; it can damage your flooring and lead to costly water bills. In fact, a single toilet leak and result in as much as 80,000 gallons of wasted water per year. There are a few typical causes for toilet leaks. First, rusting components in your tank can cause you problems. After a few years of use, these parts can rust or warp. In these cases, the flap may not close properly; the rubber gasket may not provide your toilet with a water-tight seal. Older parts are a common reason for leaking and running toilets. Often, it’s quite simple and inexpensive to replace these old parts. Our professionals will be able to tell you why your toilet is leaking and make the necessary fix.

Our Plumbers

Colby Plumbers features certified plumbers who have the expertise needed to deliver all of our services. We screen each of our plumbers to ensure that have the credentials and experience needed to be part of our team. Our technicians are dedicated to living up to our high standards for quality workmanship. They will show up to your home or business ready to address the situation at hand and make the necessary repairs.

Affordable Rates

Colby Plumbing is dedicated to charging fair prices for our clients. We provide our customers with upfront costs for repairs. We’ll let you know what a repair, replacement, or installation will be before we tackle the job. That way, there’s no unpleasant surprise after we complete the job at hand.

Colby Plumbing services residential and commercial clients throughout the Denver region. If you need an experienced plumber to unclog a toilet, repair toilet parts, or replace toilet parts, contact us. We also offer emergency service for our Denver customers. If you have a plumbing emergency, you can call us any time, any day—even holidays. If you need expert plumbing service, you can depend on Colby Plumbing.

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