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Have you noticed that the water in your house has gone from piping hot to lukewarm? If so, you could have a problem with your hot water heater.

When your hot water heater goes out, it’s annoying, to say the least. However, no matter how much you covet your hot morning shower, you shouldn’t rush out and purchase a new one. Instead, contact a hot water heater plumber, like Colby Plumbing Company, to see if a simple repair will fix the problem. Contact Denver water heaters expert today.

Why Is The Water In My House Not Getting Hot?

If your water isn’t getting as hot as it used to it usually comes down to one of three problems:

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  • A broken dip tube
  • Sediment buildup in your hot water tank
  • A malfunctioning heating system

Because it could be one of many things, and it could easily be repaired, you should call in a hot water heater plumber to diagnose the problem and give you a quote. Calling in a pro could end up saving you quite a bit of money.

For example, if your hot water heater has a broken dip tube, the tube leaves incoming, cold water in the top of the tank instead of shooting it to the bottom, so lukewarm or cold water ends up coming out of your faucet instead of hot water. It’s much cheaper to replace the dip tube than it is to replace the entire unit. You would also save money by having your hot water heater repaired if the problem is caused by sediment buildup in your tank. Instead of fixing or replacing the unit, your hot water heater plumber would flush the unit to remove the buildup settled at the bottom of the tank so that the burner heats the water up properly. Contact Denver water heaters expert today.

Do Hot Water Heaters Need To Be Serviced?

It’s a good idea to call in a plumber once per year to service your hot water heater. A yearly tuneup increases the longevity of the appliance and improves its efficiency. However, the type of service your hot water heater needs depends on the type of unit you have.

Tank-style hot water heaters should be flushed annually to prevent sediment from building up on the bottom of the tank. In most cases, this is simple enough to do on your own. You simply turn off the cold water completely, give the sediment some time to settle in the bottom of the tank, and open the drain valve at the bottom of the tank to release the water into a collection bucket. It’s important to keep the valve open until the water runs clear. If you notice an odd smell while the water is draining or it remains cloudy, you should contact a hot water heater plumber as soon as possible.

If you have a tankless hot water heater, you don’t need to worry about sediment buildup, but limescale can collect in your water pipes. Flushing the tankless hot water heater with white vinegar can loosen and dislodge calcium and limescale buildup. However, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when you do this because all tankless hot water heaters are different. If you don’t have the instructions, you should call a licensed plumber to service your hot water heater. Contact Denver water heaters expert today.

How Do You Know When A Hot Water Heater Is Going Bad?

You won’t always know that your hot water heater is going bad before it actually quits on you. However, there are a few things you can watch for that could indicate a problem or future issue with your water heater:

  • Leaks around the hot water heater
  • The hot water heater starts making loud cracks or popping sounds
  • Water appears rusty or cloudy
  • Water is lukewarm or cold

If you notice any of these problems, you should call a plumber, such as Colby Plumbing Company, to assess the situation and determine if there’s a problem to fix. The sooner you contact a hot water heater plumber the better because ignoring the signs and waiting could make the problem worse and more costly.

How Often Do You Need To Replace A Hot Water Heater?

The normal life expectancy of a hot water heater is between eight and 12 years. If you have the unit regularly serviced by a professional plumber and make repairs as needed, the unit should last you at least 10 years. A good rule of thumb to follow is if your hot water heater is 10 years older or more and a fairly expensive repair needs to be made, you should consider replacing it instead. While it may be cheaper to repair the unit, you would save money in the long run by purchasing a newer, more energy efficient model.

If you think you have a problem with your hot water heater and you live in the Denver area, call Colby Plumbing Company for a free, no-obligation quote on hot water heater repair or replacement.

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