About Us

Plumbing Company In Denver, CO

Serving the Denver area since 1985, Colby Plumbing Company is your go-to professionals for all of your residential or commercial plumbing needs. Our master plumbers provide quick, professional services in many industries, including

Family Values

Colby Plumbing is a small, family-based business with deep roots in the Denver metropolitan area. We know how important it is to maintain a positive relationship with our clients and always strive to show you the consideration and respect you deserve no matter the size or scope of your Denver plumbing needs.

As a locally-owned company, we know the value of affordable service. We offer convenient payment options, including the option to pay in-home by credit card, so you can get your plumbing problems fixed no matter when they happen without breaking the bank.

Experience And Expertise

When you need a plumber, you need someone who is qualified to fix your water problems quickly without costing you a fortune in extraneous labor or parts. Our Master plumbers are trained at some of the best apprentice programs in the state and knowledgeable in the newest plumbing technologies to ensure that your Denver plumbing problems are solved as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

From repairing a water leak to installing a complete plumbing system for your home or business, our Denver plumbers have the experience to do it all. Plumbers who work for us are licensed and seasoned in both residential and commercial plumbing design and keep abreast of changes to local and state plumbing guidelines so you can rest easy knowing that your plumbing meets the standards required by law.

Impeccable Service

Once you’ve given us a job to do, Colby Plumbing professionals stay steadfast on task until the work is completed to your satisfaction. It is this focus that has helped us to earn a rating of A+ from the Better Business Bureau.

Colby Plumbing Company plumbers have served thousands of customers throughout the Denver area since opening in the mid 1980’s, clients with needs as diverse as the people who call Colorado home. Some of the many services we offer include:

  • New Home Plumbing Set up: When you’re building your Denver home, it’s important to install an efficient and reliable plumbing system that meets the local building standards while treating your family to a design that maximizes their comfort level. From creating the perfect water pressure to limiting water waste, our plumbers know how to turn your house into a home. We can also help you utilize environmentally-friendly drainage systems to save money on your monthly bill.
  • Blockages/Drain Cleaning: Because sometimes drain cleaner just doesn’t work, we have the know-how and the tools to remove blockages in your line as well as eliminate the build-up of hair and other residue within your pipes. Using advanced technology, we can track where the disruption is in your line and get rid of it quickly.
  • Water Heater Installation: From traditional hot water tanks to the new, more efficient “Tankless” water heaters, we have the manpower and experience to install a new hot water tank in your home or business. We can also help you troubleshoot and repair issues with your tank or the lines connecting it to the rest of your system.
  • Commercial property consultation and repair: Did you recently acquire a business that has a laundry list of plumbing issues? We can help you evaluate and repair the plumbing or even renovate the design to fit your company’s needs. We can also help you choose the best drainage and filtration systems.
  • Sump Pump Services: No one wants to deal with basement flooding or sewage problems. We can help you install or upgrade your sump pump to minimize the damage caused by local flooding or water seepage. We also offer simple maintenance or troubleshooting.
  • Plumbing Equipment Replacement: No matter how well you care for your hot water tank, toilet, sink or other equipment, eventually you will need to replace the old with a newer, more efficient piece of equipment. We can help you upgrade or replace your plumbing equipment and keep your system running smoothly.
  • Plumbing Repair: A broken water line or leaking toilet can wreak havoc on your wallet and your peace of mind. Our Denver plumbers can chase down any leaks or other points of weakness and get it fixed quickly so you can get back to your normal routine.

Colby Plumbing Company is the solution to all your Denver plumbing needs. Our highly trained and licensed plumbers have been working with area residents like you since 1985.

Call our friendly customer service reps today at 303-513-7665 and ask for a free estimate. We guarantee fair prices and thorough, professional service for all your plumbing needs.