Sewer Camera Inspection Services In Denver, CO

Sewer Camera Inspection Services In Denver, CO

When getting a sewer inspection of the entire system, a sewer camera is one of the most helpful tools. These cameras are specially designed for plumbing technicians to be able to get an actual visual of the pipes for the sewer lines that are under the home. This can help to accurately diagnose what the actual problem is during a sewer inspection.

Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer lines are installed under the concrete slab underneath the home. This makes them not very accessible to the technician, or anyone, during a sewer inspection. To be able to find what the problem is easier, the technician typically will use a sewer camera to get an actual visual of what is going on inside the pipes.

The sewer camera is connected to a cable that is flexible. The technician will feed it through the main line and will get a video on a monitor of the inside of the pipe. 

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The sewer camera also has radio transmitters that can record the location of defects and of obstructions within the pipe.

Is A Sewer Camera Needed During Your Sewer Inspection?

Sometimes it can feel like a lot of unnecessary things are being done when it comes to diagnostics or repairs of the home. When money is a factor, the homeowner only wants to pay for what is a necessity. Determining if a sewer inspection requires a sewer camera is something that homeowners will typically question. Here are some things that the sewer camera is incredibly helpful with.

System Type

A sewer camera is able to help determine if the sewer system is made out of PVC pipes or cast iron pipes during the sewer inspection. Sometimes the homeowner doesn’t have this information, especially if they just moved into the home and there was no information about this given to them. This will help the technician be able to determine if the sewer system is at risk for things like rusting and how to proceed if any repairs are needed.

Problems with Drainage

The pipes all flow downhill to utilize gravity and help keep everything moving. Sometimes things get put down the drain that end up causing a blockage, causing things to back up into the home. In other situations, a blockage may be caused by tree roots or even a pipe that is broken. Using a sewer camera can help to determine what the cause of the blockage is and how to proceed with the next course of action. Without knowing what is causing the blockage, the technician may perform many other unnecessary steps to try and fix the blockage that most likely wouldn’t work.

Locating Lines

Because of the signal that the sewer camera sends out during a sewer inspection, the technician will be able to tell where the camera is at all times. This will help the technician be able to know exactly where a problem is. If a pipe is broken and needs to be repaired, the technician knows exactly where to dig to locate that pipe, if needed.

It is recommended to have a technician use a sewer camera during a sewer inspection, especially if issues keep arising. If there are multiple clogs or backups, or if the draining is continually slow, having a sewer inspection done with a camera will be able to show the cause of the issue.

Colby Plumbing has many professional technicians who can come perform a sewer inspection of the entire sewer system. Having a sewer inspection expert from Colby Plumbing perform the sewer inspection will not only ensure that the problem gets fixed accurately, but also can end up saving you money in the long run. Our professional sewer inspection experts know exactly what problems they are looking for and can easily diagnose problems with a sewer camera, which means that they will be able to directly fix the problem with confidence.

Don’t put off a sewer inspection, Colby Plumbing is ready to help with your next sewer inspection!

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